About Rudi

The Obligatory 'About Me' Page

I am a Computer Science graduate of SUNY Polytechnic Institute at Utica, class of 2019. I previsouly worked for the CS Department from the end of my Sophomore Year until my Senior Year. I started working in the Programming field, as a mobile developer since 2013. Recently, I have been more interested in Cybersecurity, Cryptography and Systems Engineering/Sysadmin. I wouldn't claim to be an expert in any field, however I do have a very wide variety of skills and am extremely comfortable working in a terminal. I have worked for (as of March of 2022) Lolay Inc as a Software Engineer, a Holiday Inn Express as IT Support, SUNY Polytechnic Institute as a Network Technician, PAR Government as a Systems Engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory, and the New York State Office of Information Technology Services as a Java Programmer. Currently I work for the NYS Teachers Retirement System as a C#/VisualBasic programmer. This website is a work-in-progress portfolio and place for me to organize and centralize my digital identity. I heavily rely on the work of the Keybase developers to provide a safe place where people can ensure they're actually reaching me however I have also provided alternate methods of contact and verification that I am indeed who you reach when you contact me. One of such ways is my PGP key. Any email communication I send will contain a PGP signature matching the key on my Home Page, which can also be viewed on my Keybase profile.