I am Rudi9719 on Keybase

Sarcastic Systems Engineer with a Love for Linguistics

Alternate secure methods of contact, if you are not on Keybase (preferred) yet:

rudi@nmare.net - PGP Preferred - Primary (Univention Private Domain)

rudi@nightmare.haus - PGP Preferred - Secondary (Gmail)

rudi@lolay.com - PGP Preferred

rudolpg@sunypoly.edu - PGP Preferred

rudolpg@cs.sunyit.edu - PGP Preferred

Gregory.Rudolph-Alverson@its.ny.gov - PGP Preferred

Feel free to reach out to me via email, or Keybase to start a conversation on Crypto or any other projects!

I have created a team for Sysadmins, and PowerUsers on Keybase @sysadmins_unite. We share experiences and questions, welcoming anyone no matter their OS. (Yes, even Windows)

This Google Site (https://rudi.nightmare.haus) has been signed by Rudi9719 on Wednesday the 6th of November, 2019 to prove ownership. Please ensure that your URL is an exact match to the one in this signature, and that the SSL certificate is issued by Let's Encrypt Authority X3 with the SHA-256 fingerprint of "3C 9C 6C 1E D4 7F C5 93 8A F9 EB 75 CE EB 59 99 2B 3D 39 81 A1 08 A9 2A E3 6B 73 3B 82 08 60 0D". To the right of this signed message is an iframe for FlowCrypt's encrypted inbox. Feel free to use that to contact me, should you have no other secure way. For the full webpage, please visit https://flowcrypt.com/me/rudi . Please note, I do not update my FlowCrypt key as frequently as Keybase. The best method of contact is, and always will be Keybase. Alternatively you can use https://keybase.io/encrypt and supply rudi9719 as the recipient then send that message any way you please.-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----Version: Keybase OpenPGP v2.1.3Comment: https://keybase.io/crypto
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Ci9X-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----