I am Rudi9719 on Keybase

Sarcastic Systems Engineer with a Love for Linguistics

Alternate secure methods of contact, if you are not on Keybase (preferred) yet:

rudi@nmare.net - PGP Preferred - Primary (Univention Private Domain)

rudi@nightmare.haus - PGP Preferred - Secondary (Gmail)

rudi@sdf.org - PGP Preferred

rudi@lolay.com - PGP Preferred

rudolpg@sunypoly.edu - PGP Preferred

Feel free to reach out to me via email, or Keybase to start a conversation on Crypto or any other projects!

I have created a team for Sysadmins, and PowerUsers on Keybase @sysadmins_unite. We share experiences and questions, welcoming anyone no matter their OS. (Yes, even Windows)